Back log of tests

Now that lessons are back up and running, we are all facing a back log of tests.

Up until now it has only been possible to bock test up to 6 weeks in advance. The DVSA online booking system has failed on several occasions leaving thousands of people unable to book test.

As of Monday, 14/9/20 the DVSA have said they will be making 375,000 tests available over a 16-week period. Let’s hope this happens and the system can cope with it

Covid 19

All driving lessons have been cancelled under the Government  guidelines and for the welfare of both Instructors and pupils. We will re-srat lessons as soon as the all clear is given from the Government. Currently there are NO TESTS being taken and until such time as the DVSA  deem it safe to so there will be no test available including theory tests.

Once the all clear has been given please contact us at the office on 01792 870701 to re-book your lessons


2020 Test passes

It’s been a good start to 2020 with over 35 test passes by the end of February. The passes have been spread across South and North wales in both automatics as well as manual cars

An electronic version of the DL25

An electronic version of the DL25

Examiners will conduct the test in exactly the same way as with the current paper form but will record it electronically on the app.

Capturing test results electronically will remove the need for almost 2 million test forms to be scanned each year and speed up notification of the result to DVLA, cutting the time taken for successful candidates to receive their full driving licence.