Question: Why do you seem so confident you’ll get instructors through their exams?


We have been on the ORDIT register since it opened, and it is very much in our interests to get you through the exams and working with us. So, genuinely, if you fail any of the exams 3 times despite your best efforts, any training costs incurred up to that point will be written off.
Cynics might even suggest that if you’ve already got the money available for your training, you could take advantage of A2Z’s training initiative, putting the money aside until you pass the exams, then “buying out” once fully qualified. Of course, we believe you’ll come to see how fair and effective A2Z’s instructor franchise is in the meantime and believe you’ll stay on anyway a long time after you’ve qualified, after all, you won’t be paying us a franchise fee for anything we haven’t earned for you, but that’s a risk we’re prepared to take.

Question: Sounds too good to be true. Why do you offer free training?


We believe that we offer a fair deal for honest instructors who are genuinely intersted in working with a reputable driving school. As a trading driving school, we want to make our fees from the work we provide, and training an instructor in order to develop our core business makes perfect sense to us. We do not seek to profiteer from selling training courses, which after all, would simply be increasing our own competition! Our franchise fee is based on the level of work conducted, you don’t have to worry about being stuck with a fixed weekly franchise fee that you can’t afford, nor is this a ploy to get you to pay for training that then isn’t made available to you, or falls short of any reasonable quality.

Question: What if I sign up for your ADI training then change my mind?


Well, to put it bluntly, you’ll have to pay for the training course at the stage you’re on. In the same way as there would have been no refund if you’d paid cash for a training course elsewhere, we will be entitled to charge you for our part 2 course if you pull out after passing part 1, or for our full training course if you pull out after passing part 2.

Please don’t enter into the commitment of training with us as a driving instructor if you’re unsure whether this line of work is something that exactly appeals to you. This is a good opportunity to get the most from an industry that has been plagued in the past by false promises and shoddy training, but bear in mind that you will be asked to enter into a binding contract that you must be willing to see through to the end, otherwise you will lose the advantages that training and working as an A2Z of Motoring driving instructor will otherwise give you. Remember that you probably won’t owe us any more than others will charge you at the start of the course, but our offer is made because we are a trading driving school needing instructors to cover the work we expect to be able to generate, and our offer is a means to that end, not because we’re looking to take large sums of cash for training courses as a means to earning extra income for our school.

Question: Is your “Free” ADI training really free?


Well, yes, it’s really free. A2Z will give you all the training you need to stand a good chance at passing the 3 part qualifying exam, but there will still be some costs you would need to incur, and there are some conditions attached.

The most expensive element of what’s necessary to qualify as a driving instructor, the training itself, is provided by A2Z at no charge to you, but you will have to pay for:
–   exam and licence fees
–   travel costs and accommodation expenses to travel to Swansea for training.

And our free training is subject to certain conditions, which are mainly:
– you must diligently apply yourself to the training we provide and follow our instructions during the training process. For example, if you were to cancel training because you couldn’t afford to travel to Swansea to take the training, then the full training cost would become payable
–   you must remain as a franchised instructor with A2Z for a minimum period after you qualify, during which you will pay our standard hourly franchise charge for services we continue to provide to you.


Question: Does the A2Z instructor franchise include a car?


The great majority of our instructors own and operate their own car, but A2Z is able to provide a car on hire if required. However, there are many car hire companies that specialise in providing dual controlled cars to the driver training industry, and can offer a wide selection of makes and models as well as a variety of different terms. We recommend that you speak directly with us if you do not already have a tuition car of your own, and we’ll be happy to advise you as to whatever’s in your best interests.

Question: Do you offer a training licence facility to your new A2Z instructors?


After passing the part 2, trainee instructors are eligible to take out a training licence, which greatly enhances their chances of passing their final part 3 exam and enables them to start working as an instructor and establishing their business a lot sooner than would otherwise be possible. A2Z can offer this facility, provided the instructor agrees to abide by the strict conditions governing supervision and additional training.