New qualification helps to further professionalise the MOT industry

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) is introducing:

  • an industry-recognised qualification for new MOT testers and managers
  • annual training and assessments for the existing 58,000 MOT testers

Carrying out MOTs to the right standard

Around 27 million car MOTs are carried out in Great Britain each year.

The vast majority are done to the right standard, but DVSA data shows that some errors are made. The new qualification and training process should help to reduce them.

MOT qualification

From September 2016, new MOT testers will need a nationally-recognised qualification.

To be eligible for the qualification, they’ll already need to have:

  • a technical qualification, eg a Vehicle Technician, Vehicle Maintenance and Repair NVQ
  • at least 4 years of experience in the motor trade

They’ll then need to:

  • successfully complete an MOT tester qualification course
  • pass an MOT demonstration test with a DVSA examiner

.Annual training and assessments

MOT testers will also have to take training and pass an assessment every year to continue carrying out MOTs.

The training will focus on topics which DVSA data shows testers are most likely to get wrong.

It means that consumers can be more confident that their MOT result is right, and that any vehicle faults are correctly identified. This helps protect everyone from unsafe vehicles.

We want all workers to be proud of their profession and drivers to be sure they are getting the right test result. We are introducing this new qualification and training and assessment regime to further boost the reputation of the profession.