8 out of 10 people support 20 mph speed limits

A survey conducted by Brake and Allianz Insurance shows that 78% of people would support a 20 mph speed limit around schools and in towns, cities and residential areas.

Brake are taking their GO 20 campaign to Parliament by calling on policticians to make the 20 mph limit the standard in built up areas.

Brake claim that the benefits of a 20 mph speed limit would include:

  • Lower accident rates – up to 54% fewer accidents in one trial area
  • Healthy lifestyles – if more people feel it is safe to walk then this will help to improve health
  • Sociable communities – if people are out walking more, they are more likely to get to know other people in their community
  • Less pollution – if more people are walking then less journeys are made by car
  • Lower costs – with each road death costing the country an estimated £1.7million then each life saved will benefit the economy

Brake’s advice to motorists is to reduce their speed to 20 mph when going through built up areas.  This will give the motorist more time to stop because the stopping distance at 30 mph is 23 metres but this reduces to just 12 metres at 20 mph.  Brake also says that this will mean that the motorist will use less petrol as well as benefiting from reduced wear and tear on the vehicle.