Britain’s roads are safer than ever before

Official figures show that deaths on Britain’s roads continued to fall in 2013 by 2% to 1,713.  Whilst this is a huge number, it is important to point out that it is half the number of people killed in 2005 and the lowest ever total since records began in 1926.


The number of children killed on Britain’s roads also fell to 48 in 2013 (from 61 in 2012) and the number of cyclist fatalities fell from 118 to 109 for the same period.


These figures show what is possible with good road safety education, quality driving tuition and proper testing and good driver attitude.  It is by no means acceptable, there is still a long way to go, but at least we are heading in the right direction.


One area for concern is motorways.  While they still remain the safest roads in Britain, death rates rose to 100 in 2013 which is an increase of 14%.


If you have recently passed your driving test, we would strongly recommend that you take the Pass Plus (which includes motorway driving) or at the very least some motorway driving lessons to make sure that you keep yourself and others safe on the motorway.  For the price of a couple of driving lessons you could save a life.


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Let’s continue the trend.