Training as a Driving Instructor

To become an Approved Driving Instructor, (ADI), you must:

–            have held a full licence for at least 3 years
–            be “a fit and proper person”, and
–            pass a 3 part exam, (a theory test, a driving test and an instructional ability test).

You must pass each test in order, and it would normally take around 6 months to take all 3 parts, so take care if you’re asked to pay large sums of money “up-front” by some training establishments. The Official Register of Driving Instructor Trainers, (ORDIT), administrated by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, lists quality training providers, including A2Z of Motoring.

Our training is all “one-to-one”, in-car, with between 2 and 4 hours sessions so take care if you are offered training in a classroom, or if in-car training is provided with multiple trainees. And beware of extravagant and sometimes misleading claims made by some organisations to induce people to become an ADI; not everyone can successfully apply themselves to the rigorous training that’s entailed.

Free ADI training from A2Z of Motoring

If you would eventually like to work as a driving instructor with A2Z, we can provide training at no charge, provided you then remain with us for an agreed period. If you are currently living and intending to work in another part of the UK, there may be some travel and accommodation costs. But if you are already part-trained, or if you’re starting completely from scratch, if you are seriously interested in training as an instructor and want the driving school to have your vested interests at heart, A2Z can offer you:

–            free online resources to help you prepare for the part 1 examination
–            a minimum of 10 hours training immediately before every part 2 exam
–            additional training up to 40 hours in order to take out a trainee licence
–            a minimum of 20 hours in-car before every attempt at part 3
–            our undertaking that, provided you have diligently applied yourself to the training, if you fail any exam 3 times, there will be no charge for the training we provide.

Read more about Training as an instructor in our FAQs.