New rules for drivers on eyesight and epilepsy

Revised minimum driving licence standards for eyesight and epilepsy will apply under new rules announced by Road Safety Minister Stephen Hammond.

The changes, which come into force from 8 March, mean that there will be some changes for drivers and riders with epilepsy and to the vision standards required for driving.


Group 2 – Buses and lorries.

For these drivers, there will be a new relaxed visual acuity standard for the ‘weaker eye’ when each eye is separately examined. Generally eyesight can be weaker in one eye than the other.


Group 1 – Cars and motorcycles.

For the first time, drivers who have only ever suffered seizures while asleep may now be considered for a licence after 1 year, instead of the current requirement of 3 years.

The new rules will also allow drivers who have only ever suffered seizures that have no impact on consciousness or the ability to act to apply for a driving licence 1 year from the date of their first seizure. Currently these drivers can only be licensed if they are free from these seizures for a period of 12 months.