Official publication for new driving instructors

DSA has launched a new DVD-ROM to help people preparing to qualify as an approved driving instructor (ADI).
The official DSA theory test for approved driving instructors’ includes hundreds of official theory test revision questions similar to those used in the ADI part 1 test, including case studies and references to the source material.It also includes:

  • advice on all 3 ADI qualifying tests
  • information about trainee licences and registration
  • tips on how to plan and develop your career
  • information about professional development
  • The Official Highway Code in digital format

Learn the theory behind driving instruction

Mark Magee, ADI Registrar, said:

“I’m pleased to say that this DVD-ROM for trainee ADIs has been developed with the profession very much in mind. We know how challenging the qualification process can be, so we listened to the industry and have tried to make this product as helpful and accessible as possible.

“The DVD’s main purpose is to help trainee ADIs to learn and understand the theory behind driving instruction to help them pass part 1 of the qualification process and also to give them a solid foundation for providing instruction.”

The product has been developed in partnership with DSA’s official publishers, TSO.