Automatic Driving Lessons

If you’re learning to drive, and are having trouble co-ordinating the clutch and the gear-stick, or if your manoeuvres suffer because of poor clutch control, you might want to consider learning to drive in an automatic car. Automatic driving lessons follow the same format as driving lessons in a manual gear-box car, although there are some very important differences.

In an automatic car, you don’t need to change gear; the car does that for you “automatically”, depending on the speed you’re travelling at and the demands being put on the engine. This means you can focus on the road conditions around you and being freed from the extra pressure that a manual gearbox car can create makes for a better motivated learner, which means a better driver.

An automatic car is more expensive to buy and costs more to run, so lessons in an automatic will be slightly dearer, although you might actually be able to save money by needing fewer lessons. And with fewer things to learn, you should be able to get to a good standard much more quickly, although the same standard of competency is expected by the DSA on test. Driving lessons in an automatic can work out cheaper in the long run.

However, there is a “downside”: if you pass your test in an automatic, you’ll only be qualified to drive automatic vehicles. You can always do a conversion course at a later date and retake a test in a manual once you gain confidence and experience with your automatic licence, so if this limitation doesn’t present any immediate problem for you, there’s no reason why you need to put yourself under the extra pressure of learning to drive a manual.

In Swansea, A2Z of Motoring offers driving lessons in a dual controlled, family-sized, Toyota Yaris hybrid, which is powered alternating between petrol and electric,  We now also have a Renault Clio 1.5 DCI  and Audi Q3 automatic in Swansea as well as an Audi Q3 that is fitted with Motobility controls.

In Wrexham, A2Z of Motoring offers driving lessons in a dual controlled, family-sized Peugeot 308

In West Midlands, A2Z  does not currently offer Automatic lessons.

In Merseyside and The Wirral,  A2Z  does not currently offer Automatic lessons.