Your Driving Lessons

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When you book your first driving lesson with A2Z of Motoring, the main purpose of that appointment is to give you the chance to meet our instructor and try their car. This is to help you decide if that instructor can help you arrange driving lessons to get to test standard as quickly as possible, within your budget.

If you’ve never driven before, you’ll be taken somewhere quieter and your instructor will conduct a “Controls lesson”. The various controls of the vehicle will be identified and you’ll be shown how they should be used, then your instructor will talk you through moving off, driving along a short way, and the process to follow when stopping normally at the side of the road. All this will be under the verbal control of the instructor, who may also demonstrate what you are expected to do by using the dual controls from the “passenger side”.

If you already have some driving experience, our instructor will try to assess your current standard to help decide on a “plan of action” based on your performance on that lesson. You will normally book additional driving tuition and pay the instructor in cash in-car at the end of each driving lesson, although if you need to check or amend or cancel a lesson, or pay in advance for lessons using a credit or debit card, you can do this directly with our office.

During your driving lessons, your instructor will follow a 34 point lesson syllabus to track the improvements you are making. Although each pupil will advance at their own pace, it’s good to know that you can log in to the pupil login section of our website 24/7 to view or print out a summary of your progress to date, which may also help a family or friend supervise you in any private practice you may be able to have, by directing them to the subjects you need particular practice on.

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