Intensive Driving Courses

If you tend to forget a lot of what you learn in weekly driving lessons, or if your theory test certificate is about to expire, or if you need to pass your test quickly for a new job or before you move away, then an intensive or “crash” driving course may be for you.

The difficulty with intensive driving courses is timing.You have to have passed your theory test before a practical driving test can be booked, and the waiting list in some local practical test centres can be quite long. In addition, you need to find an instructor who is able, (and willing), to reserve a whole week or more to one pupil, which can be difficult if that instructor altready has a responsibility to provide lessons to an existing book of pupils having standard hourly lessons.

For these reasons, A2Z of Motoring works closely with its affiliate service provider: FastPass Intensive Driving Courses, which specialises in residential courses and local, crash driving courses, and organises many hundreds of such courses every year. Their register of driving instructors who can be approached to conduct an intensive course is probably the largest in the UK, and it’s rare that they are unable to accommodate an intensive course candidate’s requirements.

Whether you’ve already passed your theory test or even if you have yet to pass it, FastPass will organise your entire course from start to finish, including access to Free Online Theory Tests to help you prepare for your theory test, (if required). They can either arrange the driving course to be conducted immediately and hold back some hours to cover the day of the test, which can be booked as soon as you’ve passed your theory, or you can wait until you’ve passed the theory test before confirming with FastPass the exact dates of the driving course to be booked with the instructor.

The number of lessons you need in a course will depend on a number of factors, not least the driving experience you have to date, and you can use the FastPass’ course calculator, or telephone FastPass, in order to create a course to your bespoke requirements. We’d usually expect to book 3 or 4 hours a day, but more can be arranged if preferred, and one additional benefit of dealing with FastPass is that they have a huge register of fully qualified driving instructors in all parts of the country, so you’re not necessarily limited to having a course conducted in A2Z’s normal working areas. If there’s another reputable instructor available earlier, or you’d prefer a course in an area that A2Z doesn’t cover, FastPass can still accommodate you.

Click here to use FastPass’ online course calculator to get a quote. or ring FastPass now on 01792 87 07 07.