Hip hip hooray 215 test passes so far

We set out to help at least 200 new drivers gain their full licence in 2023. We are happy to say we are currently on 215 test passes and will try our best to get to 250 passes in 2023. Well done to all our hard working instructors and congratulation to every one who became a qualified driver this year

A2Z of Motoring are leading the way with 8 Automatic cars in the local area

Automatic cars now account for nearly half  of all A2Z of Motoring cars. With the take up of Hybrid and Electric cars increasing daily it seems inevitable that manual cars will slowly disappear. Electric and Hybrid cars do not come in manual only automatic. The change is being driven  by the manufactures, many of whom  have already phased out manual vehicles and now only manufacture full electric or Hybrids.

Test passes

We are trying our hardest to get pupils through tests as quickly and safely  as we can to open spaces for new pupils to book. So far this year we have had 100 test passes. Congratulations to each and every one of them.

Driving tests and lessons on hold

All driving lessons have been cancelled under the Government  guidelines and for the welfare of both Instructors and pupils. We will re-start lessons as soon as the all clear is given from the Government. Currently there are NO TESTS being taken and until such time as the DVSA  deem it safe to do so there will be no test available including theory tests.

Once the all clear has been given please contact us at the office on 01792 870701 / 0800 30 60 70 to re-book your lessons

Back log of tests

Now that lessons are back up and running, we are all facing a back log of tests.

Up until now it has only been possible to bock test up to 6 weeks in advance. The DVSA online booking system has failed on several occasions leaving thousands of people unable to book test.

As of Monday, 14/9/20 the DVSA have said they will be making 375,000 tests available over a 16-week period. Let’s hope this happens and the system can cope with it