Do you know the speed limit?

Research conducted by insurance company More Than shows that more than a third of drivers can’t recognise the national speed limit sign in a survey of 2000 drivers despite it being one of the most common road signs on British roads.


Last year a staggering 818,000 speeding tickets (2,243 per day) were issued to drivers which resulted in fines, penalty points and an increase in their insurance premiums as well.  The average insurance premium increase for a driver with penalty points for speeding is 13% and the minimum fine is now £100 with 3 penalty points.


For new drivers the news is even worse, because if they pick up 6 points within their first two years of driving then their driving licence is revoked and they are back to learner status.  That is just 2 speeding tickets in 2 years.
But the consequences of speeding are not just financial – 24% of people surveyed admitted to crashing or having a near miss as a result of speeding.
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