Bus Lanes Suspended

Bus lanes in Liverpool were suspended by Liverpool City Council in October 2013.  The bus lanes were suspended until 28th July 2014 to allow the council to monitor the changes in traffic and allow them to make a decision on their long term future.


To date, there has been no announcement from Liverpool City Council about what happens post 28th July.


Many of you will have had driving lessons in Liverpool with us and have never had to worry about the bus lanes.  You will need to keep a close eye on the local press and road signs over the next month.


If the council re-introduce the bus lanes, then you need to know when you are allowed in the bus lanes.  If there are no times below the bus lane sign then you must never enter the bus lane.  If there are times on the bus lane sign, these are the times you must not enter the bus lanes but all other times you can.


Don’t get caught out.  Liverpool City Council do have an excellent CCTV system covering the majority of the bus routes so if you do go in a bus lane when you are not supposed to you are very likely to receive a fine through the post