More people are learning to drive

Between April 2013 and March 2014, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency has announced that 1,477,585 practical car driving tests were taken which is an increase of 2.9% on the previous year.  Over the previous 6 years there had been a decline of 16%.


This could be as a result of an improving economy giving people the confidence to invest money in learning to drive and it could also be due in part to people who have put off learning to drive during the recession but now feel that it is an essential skill for them to learn.


So if you are thinking about learning to drive, what sort of things should you be considering when choosing a driving school?


A good starting point would be to ask yourself whether you recognise the brand, how long has the driving school been trading and what reputation does that driving school have.


A common mistake is that people often phone driving schools and ask what their pass rate is, but how can you check?


Very few driving schools have a fully accountable system that can list all driving lessons and driving tests and that is why many do not wish to publish their driving test pass rates.


At A2Z of Motoring, we can account for every driving lesson and driving test and we are proud to publish our driving test pass rate on our home page, especially because it is nearly 30% above the national average!


The best way to find a good driving instructor is to try a small special offer such as our 4 hours for £49.  That way it gives you a chance to try the car and the driving instructor without investing too much money and after 4 hours you should have a good idea if that is the right driving instructor for you.
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